Asher Space Research Institute


Satellites that Tango
A growing number of Israeli start-ups are excited by the potential of the growing civilian space industry, now estimated at nearly $300 billion

Satellites size of a shoebox that operate independently
The flagship project of the Israel Space Agency is off of three Nano-satellites.

Tiny satellites play big role in Israel’s space ambitions
Three nanosatellitesdue to be launched in next 18 months willbreak new ground

Race to Mars
NASA puts it top priority, billionaire Elon Musk is building a private space shuttle to reach it, and the Dutch space program threatens to send the first settlers already in -2023 …

Hebrew Interview to Alachson
החיפוש אחר רוחות גלקטיות חושף את האטומים האבודים של היקום ועשוי לפענח את תעלומת התפתחותן של גלקסיות

Venus transit
Venus transit of June 6 2012 observed with the 10” telescope at ASRI