Accessibility statement

The site is committed to provide the public user of the Site, content which is as accessible as possible, regardless of the technology used to build the site. We are working to update and implement the rules of accessibility as much as possible.

According to the principles of accessibility standard, the website is optimized for accessibility and level 2 (AA) of the W.C.A.G 2.

Navigating the regions

The site was divided into regions such as the main menu region and central content region. To make it easier for keyboard users to get to the desired content faster, you can use the links listed at the beginning of the page to skip through the content.

ARIA laws

If you are using a screen reader software, know that site has installed the ARIA laws that help interpret the site content accurately.

How to browse the site easily?

To navigate the site using the keyboard, use the Tab button. Each click will take you to the next link on the page. Pressing Shift + Tab will take you to the previous link.

The site has an accessibility menu. To open the menu you can click on the icon located at the top of the site.

Available options in the accessibility menu:

  • A magnifying glass button which is used to zoom in 200% on a specific point, and a cancel button.

  • A text increase button and next to it, a back to the original size button.

  • A button to change the colors on the site to dark and sharp colors, and a button next to it to return to the site’s original colors.

  • A button to change to the default font, and a button to return back to the sites font.

  • A button to layout the slideshow slides one under the other, and a button to return to the original slider.

  • A button to highlight links using underlining, and a cancel button.

Have a problem?

Tell us! We try to keep and maintain the site the best that we can. If you have found and / or are having problems browsing the site and using the accessibility options in particular, do not hesitate to report it to us via the contact form so that we can address the problem in the best way. Please provide full details as best as possible:

  • Problem Description.

  • What action you were trying to perform?

  • Which page were you surfing?

  • The type and version of your browser.

  • Operating system and version.

  • Assistive technology type (if you used).

  • We'll take care of the problem and get back to you with details on its handling.

Please note

While browsing the site you may come across a page or part not yet adequately accessible.

Date of writing the Declaration: 19/06/2016

Link the organization's accessibility arrangements