A clip showing a successful UHF/VHF antennae deployment experiment of the Adelis-SAMSON project prior to launch, held recently at ASRI. Showing is the mechanical process enabling the operation of antennae for the uplink and downlink communication systems.
ITA is a prestigious Engineering and Technology school in Brazil. The goal of this visit is to establish a collaboration with the Technion in the area of Space Systems, specifically Micro Satellites.  
Prof. Hitoshi Kuninaka, Director General, Mr. Yoshio Tokaku, Director for International Strategy and Coordination, and Prof. Ryu Funase from the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), visited ASRI. 
Dr. Tao Nie comes back to ASRI to assume a post-doctoral position, after completing his Ph.D. studies at Harbin Institute of Technology. Dr. Tao was previously a visiting Ph.D. student at Technion under the supervision of Prof. Gurfil.
Propellant: Xenon, Power: 3 – 30 W Micro-thruster is intended for installing in nanosatellites with the aim to compensate atmospheric drag in low orbits, keeping a required distance between nanosatellites in the constellation and performing other operations in space.
The Annual Graduate Studies Research Day took place on March 27th, 2019, at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Best posters by M.Sc. students and Ph.D. students were chosen by a committee, and the crowd picked its favorite.
On Feburary 13th, a delegation from Indian universities visited ASRI as part of the Indo Israel - Student Satellite Project 2022. They got a tour of all of ASRI's laboratories and heard a talk from ASRI director, Prof. Pini Gurfil, about the SAMSON project.