A new  satellite mission control center was inaugurated at ASRI yesterday. The new center includes the Adelis Ground Station and an array of antennae for satellite command, control, and communication. It will be used to control the SAMSON mission and obtain data from the satellites.   For the article in Ynet, see here.
The first stage of the S-Band antenna was put in its place on the roof of ASRI building.
Mr. Gianluigi Benedetti, Ambassador of Italy to Israel, visited ASRI and was presented with the recent research achievements of the different labs. 
NASA Aims Research Center Director, Dr. Eugene Tu, and Chief Scientist, Dr. Jacob Cohen, visited ASRI's labs, and were introduced to the SAMSON project and other ongoing research activities, including the new electric propulsion and segmented optics systems.
The project is supported by the Adelis Foundation and the Israel Space Agency of the Ministry of Science.
Prof. Pini Gurfil attended the annual event of the Technion France Association. In a panel dedicated to the future of urban mobility, Prof. Gurfil described the challenges of connected transportation from the space technology perspective. The panel also featured the president of CNES (the French Space Agency), Jean-Yves Le Gall.