A delegation from Politecnico di Bari visited ASRI to discuss possible collaboration.The delegation included Eugenio Di Sciascio - Rector, Vito Albino - Vice-rector for Research and Technology Transfer , Francesco Cupertino - Associate Professor of Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives, Tommaso Di Noia - Associate Professor of Information Systems, Michele Mossa - Professor of Hydraulics  and Giuseppe Pascazio - Professor of Fluid Dynamics,
A delegation from the Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.China, came to ASRI on Tuesday, November 22nd, headed by its Vice Minister, Mr. LI Meng. 
Dr. Vladimir Balabanov prepared an animation from the Asher Space Research Institute, illustrating the mechanical design of the SAMSON satellites, and comparing the actual hardware to the design.
Moonwalker and ISU chancellor, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, talked at the Technion Churchil Hall about his plans to occupy Mars, in the SSP16 Soffen memorial lecture. Prof. Pini Gurfil, director of ASRI, introduced Dr. Aldrin at the beginning of the talk.
NASA Astronaut and MIT Professor, Jeff Hoffman, visited ASRI and met with Prof. Gurfil. Dr. Hoffman is lecturing at the ISU Space Studies Program, held on campus.
The opening ceremony of the ISU 2016 Space Studies Program was held at the Rappaport Hall, the Carmel Center, on July 12th.
ASRI, the Technion, and Haifa are getting ready for the International Space University's upcoming Space Studies Program (SSP16), starting this coming July.
Major General Thomas J. Masiello, Commander of the US Air Force Research Lab, visited ASRI's Distributed Space Systems Lab and Electric Propulsion Lab, where he was introduced with the CAMILA Hall thruster developed in ASRI.