Upcoming Events

April 2nd is “Good Deeds Day” in Israel.

The 14th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, organized by the Israeli Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology, will take place on January 29, 2019 at David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv.

Innovation is the key to powering space exploration.  At JPL, we continually strive to innovate to create the capability to explore our solar system and answer the hard science questions.  We’ll explore innovations in earth science, Mars Exploration, outer planet exploration, data science/machine learning, and quantum detectors to enable the next generation of spacecraft and systems. 


Satellite navigation constellations orbit the Earth in medium and geosynchronous orbits. These high altitudes raise the operational and launching costs, but provide wide coverage, which may be redundant if only regional coverage is needed. Low Earth orbit satellites, on the other hand, suffer from reduced coverage capabilities, among other issues.

Our very own Maxim Rubanovych will be receiving the award at the Technion “appreciation evening for employees”, which will be held on October 4th  at the Mozkin Hay-Park.

This research focuses on a particular case of distributed space systems technology: spacecraft rendezvous missions. More specifically, the case of a two-phase satellite rendezvous maneuver is examined for rigid bodies instead of point-masses. Traditional Clohessy-Wiltshire models for relative motion become invalid when the spacecraft shapes are considered.