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The performance of pulsar-based navigation for deep space exploration is investigated by considering the deep space DAWN mission.  The flight trajectory of the DAWN spacecraft is used in the numerical simulation to mimic a realistic mission scenario.  This scenario accounts for clock uncertainty, pulsar timing noise, maneuver execution errors, sequential observation and interruptions between pulsar observations.  Although an efficient Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) was implemented for most of the DAWN flight, a particle filte

Averaging is a valuable technique to gain understanding in the long-term evolution of dynamical systems characterized by slow and fast dynamics. Recent contributions proved that averaging can be applied to the extremal flow of optimal control problems. The present work extends these results by tackling averaging of time optimal systems with two fast variables.

At the Haifa downtown event (08.10.17) the Distributed Space Systems Laboratory (DSSL) and the Aerospace Plasma Laboratory (APL), representing the Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) and Aerospace Engineering Faculty, will showcase satellite models, videos and posters about their cutting edge research to the wide public.

 All are welcome to visit us!

We are entering a new era in human history called The Age of Infinite, a time of potentially infinite opportunities and resources for future generations based on our decisions and actions today.