M.Sc. Seminar, Daniel Brack: "In-Orbit Tracking of High Area-to-Mass Ratio Space Objects"

18 May 2016
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Classroom 165, ground floor, Library, Aerospace Eng.


High Area to Mass Ratio (HAMR) space objects in high Earth orbits experience oscillations in orbit eccentricity due to the force of the Solar Radiation Pressure (SRP). These variations, which change the orbital altitude, render HAMR space debris a threat for high-altitude space systems, such as geostationary satellites. This threat is enhanced because of the limited ground-based tracking capability of high-altitude HAMR objects.

In this talk, we will propose using in-orbit tracking of HAMR objects using optical systems. This approach enables in-situ estimation of various properties of HAMR objects, such as the specific SRP force, which subsequently provide better orbit predictions. The design of a stereoscopic in-orbit HAMR object tracking system and a concomitant parameter estimation algorithm will be presented. Different design alternatives for the tracking system and algorithm will be examined as well, and their performance will be evaluated using a variety of operational scenarios.