SSP16 - International Astronaut Panel

18 Jul 2016
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Technion Churchill Hall


The International Astronaut panel is an annual highlight of each ISU session. ISU participants and the public will have the opportunity to interact with this outstanding group of astronauts who represent over 30 years of international spaceflight experience ranging from the Soviet MIR station to the International Space Station, and whom are training for missions in future spacecraft. The panel collectively represents over 3 years of spaceflight experience, and also includes an ISU alumna who was recently selected by NASA.

Sergei Krikalev holds the record for the most days in space by a human - 803 days, including 8 EVAs - accumulated during his 5 missions aboard Soyuz, Mir, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station - a flight career spanning from 1988 to 2005.
Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli flew on Space Shuttle Mission STS-120 in 2007, and flew on Soyuz to the International Station to serve as flight engineer for Expedition 26/27 during 2010-11. He is currently in training for ISS Expedition 52/53. 
American Astronaut Jeff Hoffman flew five missions aboard four different US Space Shuttle from 1985 thru 1996, including the STS-35 ASTRO-1 astronomy labpratory mission, the STS-61 Hubble Space Telescope repair mission, and the STS-75 US Microgravity payload mission. 
Jessica Meir is a member of ISU's MSS class of 2000, and was chosen by NASA as an astronaut in 2013.  She completed her astronaut candidate training in 2015 and is currently in training for a future ISS crew assignment.

* The event will be held in English.