Guest Seminar - Mr. David Goldsmith: Project Moon Hut Ushering in the Age of Infinite - Reaching for the Stars to Shape Earth’s Destiny

19 Jun 2017
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ASRI Seminar Room - 14:30

We are entering a new era in human history called The Age of Infinite, a time of potentially infinite opportunities and resources for future generations based on our decisions and actions today. Over the past three years, David Goldsmith, alongside individuals at NASA’s portal in Mountain View, California, has been discussing many of the challenges facing the space ecosystem.  Together they have uncovered and are addressing new approaches to accelerating, advancing, and amplifying the opportunities that space can bring to life on Earth.  During this discussion, attendees will hear how a group of people are driving innovation through (1) new alliances being formed within an enlarged global business ecosystem powered by AI and machine learning, (2) an advanced learning platform to educate a billion people about space’s role in the Earth’s future, (3) worldwide participation through the initiative, Project Moon Hut, its classification system, tools, and transformative language, and (4) a global government engagement program.  As an outsider to the space industry, David will expand perspectives and share with attendees how they, along with other individuals and/or groups, can play a very real role in shaping our Earth’s destiny.