ASRI Profs. E. Behar & S. Tarem take part in a NASA Mission-of-Opportunity concept study

24 Aug 2017

Professors Ehud Behar and Shlomit Tarem from the Asher Space Research Institute, will take part in a NASA Mission-of-Opportunity concept study to investigate astrophysical explosions. Their research, part of an American-Israeli mission led by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, was one of six concept studies selected out of dozens submitted.

The Israeli research project seeks to develop detectors for the Gamma-Ray Transient Monitor (GTM) as part of NASA’s ISS-TAO mission (Transient Astrophysics Observatory on board the International Space Station). Used in conjunction with a wide-field X-ray telescope developed by NASA, the instruments will measure blasts of electromagnetic energy from outer space. If successful, the mission would provide insights into the physics around compact objects such as black holes and neutron stars, in the regime of strong gravity and within the realm of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.