Adelis-SAMSON Cold Gas Propulsion System: Ready for Launch!

18 Sep 2017

Space Autonomous Mission for Swarming and Geo-locating Nano-satellites (Adelis-SAMSON) is a project led by the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The project includes three 6U CubeSats flying as a coordinated cluster. The Technion, together with RAFAEL, designed, tested and manufactured the Adelis-SAMSON cold gas propulsion system. The propulsion system will be used to provide the required thrust for the formation keeping maneuvers. The system was initially selected out of four different configurations by Technion undergraduate students. Since then, the system went through a series of revisions made by the Asher Space Research Institute staff and the Space Systems Directorate at RAFAEL. The final configuration includes a Titanium tank filled with 160 bar of Krypton, two pressure transducers, two pressure regulators, a latch valve, a fill valve and four thrusters. The entire subsystem fits into a volume of 2U, weighs less than 2 kg and provides a ΔV of 20 m/s and 80 mN of maximum thrust.