ASRI and the Adelis-SAMSON project featured in a channel 11 program about the Israeli space program

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Prof. Pini Gurfil was interviewed by the Economist

Prof. Pini Gurfil was interviewed by the Economist about the possibility to use natural forces, such as drag and solar radiation pressure, as means for controlling satellite formations in Low Earth orbits.

Haaretz interviewed Prof. Gurfil about nano-satellites

Israel-Italy Cooperation

Cooperation between Israel and Italy is increasing, in the field of nanosatellite technologies. For an article about the recent workshop, see here

Prof. Gurfil was interviewed for channel 1 about the Adelis-SAMSON project

Revolutionizing Space: channel 1 interviewed Prof. Pini Gurfil about ASRI's Adelis-SAMSON project for their news broadcast. To watch the interview, click here.


The Jerusalem Post: Israeli Launches World's First Flight of Nano-Satellites

The Jerusalem Post, about the Adelis-SAMSON project that was developed by a team of researchers headed by Prof.

Slovak TV News Release on the Space Collaboration MoU Signed Recently at Technion

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Monday, March 27, involving the Technion, the Slovak Space Office, and the Slovak Technical University, in the presence of the Israeli Space Agency. The signing ceremony took place as part of the visit of the Slovak President, Mr. Kiska, to the Technion. The MoU reflects the interest of the parties to collaborate on nanosatellite technologies research and development.

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Prof. Pini Gurfil was interviewed for channel 9 about the Adelis-SAMSON satellite mission

Prof. Pini Gurfil, Director of ASRI, was interviewed for the Russian channel 9, about the Adelis-SAMSON satellite mission. To watch the interview, click here.

Yedioth Ahronoth - Mamon: Assoc. Prof. Pini Gurfil interviewed about reusable launch vehicles

Assoc. Prof. Pini Gurfil was interviewed by Yedioth Ahronoth - Mamon about reusable launch vehicles. The article featured a discussion on the RLVs of Spacex and Blue Origin, see the article here.

In Haaretz: SAMSON - A new satellite mission at the Technion

The Space Autonomous Mission for Swarming and Geolocation with Nano-satellites (SAMSON), a new satellite mission, led by the Technion and supported by the Israeli space industries, is featured in