Annual Programs

ASRI Grants




1   Optimal Design of Heat Pipes: Modeling of capillary heat  and mass transfer.  Prof. Avi Marmur
2   Biomechanical accommodations and  changes during  overground wallking at constant speed under body  weight unloading for rehabilitation of astronauts.  Prof. Alon Wolf
3   Triple Evolution and Dynamics in Stellar and Planetary  Systems.  Prof. Hagai Perets
4   The Peculiar  Velocity Field From Galaxy  Redshifts and  Luminosities.  Prof . Adi Nusser
5   Network for Remote Atmospheric Scatterer Sensing.  Prof. Yoav Schechner
6   Mechanical Sensors for THz Radio Astronomy.  Eyal Buks
7   Thin Layers in Space Structures: Transient Thermal  Analysis via Combined Asymptotic Numerical Modeling.   Prof. Dan Givoli
8   Search for life on exoplanets by modulation.  Dr. Erez Ribak
9   Intermediate  Luminosity Optical Transients.  Prof. Noam Soker
10   Investigation of nano-magnets as potential emitters in  the spectroscopic gap.  Prof. Amit Keren, Dep. Of  Physics, Prof. Sahar Rahav,  Dept. of Chemistry