Technion Experiments to be launched to the ISS

15 Feb 2022
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Three Technion projects will be tested on board the International Space Station, as part of the Ramon Foundation and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology’s “Rakia Mission”. The projects were carefully selected by a scientific-technological committee appointed by the Ramon Foundation and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology
Eytan Stibbe is set to fly to the International Space Station in early 2022. 
One of the three projects is being developed in ASRI's Aerospace Plasma Lab, headed by Dr. Igal Kronhaus from the Aerospace Engineering Faculty . They are developing a tiny engine for CubeSats – miniature satellites made of cubic modules 10cm × 10cm × 10cm in size. Their engine, called “Inline-Screw-Feeding Vacuum-Arc-Thruster,” and fuel supply together are no bigger than a human finger, but can provide enough impulse to maintain a flight of satellites in formation for months or more. The fuel, a small titanium wire, is safe to hold in one’s hand. The engine will be placed on the exterior of the International Space Station and be operated under conditions of hard vacuum and extreme temperatures.

All projects must now undergo a rigorous design review process in order to be ready to launch.